Emic for mining industries was founded in 2018 with the mission of Serving the micronized calcium carbonate sector in various Capacities.

We are a trading company Our manufacturing partners are located in beni suf industrial Zone (and matahrah industrial zone, el miniya city ). El menia region Is home to one of the purest, whitest calcium carbonate reserves In the world. They process that local calcium carbonate in their Facility's laboratory facility's laboratory, controlling for the Chosen parameters and finally transfer it to be used in the Manufacturing stage.


Natural and surface treated micronized calcium carbonate are Our two main product groups. We market our products under the Brand of emic quality control, product innovation and customer Satisfaction are core principles for our company. In addition to Marketing our products in egypt, we are involved in india Emic Mission is to use the latest technology and advanced processing Techniques, together with the highest quality raw materials, to Provide our customers with natural or surface treated calcium Carbonate for their own manufacturing needs.